Are you ready to walk in your purpose and strategically land a position that makes you fulfilled?

Career Success Roadmap (CSR) is a high-impact 12-week career advancement program for ambitious women (with & without degrees) to discover their aligned career, fast-track their job search, and amplify their salary by 5+ figures.


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You have been in multiple roles, yet each of them has left you feeling stagnant. 
  • Your current role does not reflect your true level of expertise. 
  • You go to work every day wondering why you are even there. 
  • You worked hard for a year non-stop to either get a penny on the dollar raise or no raise at all. 
  • You do not get calls back after submitting your resume.
  • You can’t seem to find the right strategies to find a more fulfilling role. 
  • You are tired of being stressed at work. 
  • You don’t know your true value and how companies can benefit from having you on their team. 
  • You are underpaid.
  • You get interviews and then bomb them.


You’ve tried to do it all: come in early, stay late, volunteer to help with projects, and even pitch in for things that are completely out of the scope of your job- but still end up STUCK with no promotion, no raise, and no visibility. 

You’ve tried to find every reason to stay in your current role because you have been with your company for a few years and you are afraid to start over...only to get frustrated because the work is no longer challenging you to work enthusiastically in your zone of genius. Ekkkk.

You wonder how much longer you can keep waking up to come to a place where you are mentally exhausted, physically not feeling well, and no longer valued. 

You see successful, fulfilled professionals in your company and all over LinkedIn, but just can’t seem to figure out why you aren’t in the same position or how to even get there. 

You wish you could wave a magic wand and have someone hand you a proven formula that will help you get clarity in your career so that you can land a new role that makes you fulfilled and love Mondays again.

You've tried to start job searching, but all you hear is crickets after submitting your resume.

  • You finally have clarity in your career, paid your worth, and perform at your true level of expertise in a company that VALUES you!
  • You wake up every morning excited to go to work because you are passionate about the work that you do. 
  • You get to actually send your family and friends messages about how HAPPY you are to be at your company instead of complaining to them 24/7.
  • You know that you actually have found a company that aligns with your values and beliefs while also not being worried about them short-changing you? 
  • You're no longer being stressed and executing your role at the highest level possible because you actually ENJOY the work that you do.

...BUT, right now, you have no real clarity or direction on how to put the pedal to the medal and map out how to truly be successful in your career. 

You’re asking yourself questions like...

  • “How do I even start to look for a better career path and/or position?"
  • “How do I know what my true value proposition is?”
  • “I don’t even have the experience to pivot into my dream career, how could I ever get a new job in that field?”
  • “Do I even have the patience to map out what a successful career looks like for me?”

Getting career clarity and finding your true calling can cause a lot of confusion. 

Without a plan, it is easy to lose focus, become unmotivated, implement strategies that no longer work, and waste a lot of time. 

That is why I created the Career Success Roadmap.

Career Success Roadmap (CSR) is a high-impact 12-week career advancement program for ambitious women (with & without degrees) to discover their aligned career, fast-track their job search, and amplify their salary by 5+ figures.



Before Demisha, I didn't get any movement on my resumé. After using her [service], I have received several job offers from the government with at least a $20,000 increase... I continue to get movement and profile views on LinkedIn. Thank you, Demisha!

Doris, Previous Client

I wasn't hearing back even though I applied for so many positions and I know it was my resumé... [Demisha] was able to make it into a concise, tight, professional, up-to-date resumé. She was exemplary in turning that around so I could get the application in... I actually did get the position and I credit Demisha for that... I also got a 60% increase in my hourly wage. Thank you, Demisha! You can't afford not to use her services for your career path.

Laura, Previous Client


Your Life BEFORE joining Career Success Roadmap

  • You lack career clarity. 
  • You feel stagnant and stuck. 
  • You have no real strategy to implement and reach your career goals. 
  • You do not know what your proposition value is. 
  • You are undervalued in your current role. 
  • You are not in your zone of genius because you are more than your current role. 
  • You are underpaid. 
  • You don’t know what career success looks like for you. 
  • You don’t know your true self-worth. 
  • You are scared to talk about money!
  • You do not know how to create a winning resume.

Your Life AFTER joining Career Success Roadmap

  • You are crystal clear on what it is that you want to do and the steps you need to take to get there. 
  • You can confidently map out a game plan to strategically land your next role or promotion. 
  • You know EXACTLY what you bring to the table and how to articulate it. 
  • You are fully prepared to present your non-negotiables to your current or potential employer. 
  • You can fully perform in your zone of genius. 
  • You know to properly build your career documents. 
  • You can confidently network without hesitation. 
  • You know what your career mission statement is and what success looks like for you. 
  • You OWN your self-worth and won’t accept anything less. 
  • You are fluent in big money talk a.k.a salary negotiation.


Module 1: Establishing The Basics

The instructor provides a high level overview of the course while also breaking down the EEE framework which is evaluating, encompassing, and executing action steps for a successful career.

Module 2: Mindset Shifts

Mindset is a huge obstacle to overcome in your career. Understanding how to shift your focus will be a major component of your success.

Module 3: Elite Self-Awareness System

Determine who you are and what you want in your career. Getting to know yourself is critical to a promising career and future. It also determines your value proposition and what YOU bring to the table.

Module 4: Personal Brand

Discovering your personal brand will help you confidently show up as your best self while distinguishing what sets you apart from the competition.

Module 5: Career Fulfillment

Get crystal clear on where you want to be in your career. Implement action steps to be held accountable and stay motivated.

Module 6: Building Blocks of Career Docs & Interviewing

There is absolutely no doubt that you can stand out in today’s job market with targeted career documents. Strategically preparing for an interview can land you a new role 5x faster.

Module 7: Leveraging LinkedIn

You will not ever miss an opportunity when you leverage the power of the world’s largest talent network. A well-optimized LinkedIn pins you on the board of future recruiters across a wide range of industries.

Module 8: Salary Amplification

Your self-confidence can negotiate your salary for you when going for the BIG Pay! Negotiating a higher salary comes at no ease, but it can be done. We will help you create an effective system, using your self-confidence as leverage to negotiate a higher salary.


Here's what's included when you enroll in the program:

  • 6  Months Access To The Accelerator Curriculum
  • 12 weeks Access to Coaching Calls & Community
  • Customized Individual Feedback
  • CSR Signature Curriculum 
  • 10 Weekly Group Coaching Calls, 1 hour each 
  • Private Mastermind Community 
  • Signature Workbook
  • Professionally Written Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Rewrite
  • 1:1 Onboarding Coaching Call

Check out these results from previous clients!


Career Success Roadmap was uniquely designed to be done on your terms from anywhere in the world, literally.

As long as you have wifi and your computer and/or phone you can access the course. 


How long does it take to complete Career Success Roadmap? 

12 Weeks!

There is no rush and no right or wrong amount of time, because you have six months access to the program and all future updates! Remember, this isn't a "quick fix" by any means.

We recommend you set aside 2-4 hours per week to go through the program and implement the assignments.

There has never been a better time to start Career Success Roadmap.

Why start today instead of waiting another 6 months to a year?

Starting now will allow you to: 

  • Be one step closer to being fulfilled in your career. 
  • Get career clarity. 
  • Discover your personal brand so that you can confidently walk in the authority of your zone of genius. 
  • Negotiate your highest salary to date.

You are a good fit for CSR if:

  • You are a professional who is eager to reach the next level in your career. 
  • You want to wake up and love Mondays again. 
  • You want to get clarity and discover your true career calling. 
  • You want to be fulfilled in both your personal life and in your career. 
  • You want to successfully pivot into a new career or be promoted.
  • You want to become fluent in Big Money Talk a.k.a salary negotiation.

You are NOT a good fit for CSR if:

  • You are a new professional fresh out of college with little to no work experience. 
  • You are not ambitious. 
  • You are not serious about having career success. 
  • You make excuses. 
  • You are unwilling to implement proven strategies.

This transformational program will help you get career clarity, own your self-worth, strategically plan your career goals, be promoted, or land a job that you LOVE.



You can either stay where you are and be stuck, stagnant, confused, underpaid, undervalued, and frustrated…

You can get the guidance and support you need to be happy and fulfilled in your career.

Think big picture-where do you truly want to be in your career?

Do you have a STRATEGIC plan of action to get there?

If you are the true goal getter that I know you are then your career success story starts right now, today!

You can do this even if you have a million things going on in your personal life.

Is this what you are telling yourself?

"I don’t have the mental capacity to commit to this course."

Actually, you do. Mindset is the first thing that we cover in this course. If you strategically plan out your time you can absolutely do it!

"I can’t invest in this type of course right now."

Approach this from a return on investment perspective. Imagine investing in your career and getting a $10,000, $30,000 or even $50,000 salary increase. Could you afford to invest then? Also, payment plans are available so you CAN do this! Payments can be divided into 12 monthly payments.



We've got A's for your Q's!

When does the course begin and end?

You will have immediate access to the course. The course is self-paced so the end date is dependant on your progress.

Do I get lifetime access to the course material?

You get 6 months access to the curriculum and 12 weeks access to the coaching calls and community.  

What is the time commitment per week?

You can expect to spend 2-6 hours per week on reviewing the lessons and implementing the action steps.

Are there any prerequisites?

You must be a professional with at least 5 years of work experience.  

Are there any other material or equipment costs besides the enrollment cost of the course?


What if I cannot make it to the group coaching calls?

No worries! They are recorded and you can submit your questions ahead of time if you cannot make it.  

What are the payment options?

You can pay in full via debit or credit card. Payment plans are available as well through Klarna.

What happens after I check out?

You will receive a service agreement for your signature. You will also receive a welcome email.

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I'm Demisha Jennings, career strategist, human resource expert, and certified resume writer.

I work with high-achieving women who are ready to walk in their purpose, be fulfilled in their careers, and go from underrated to top-rated!

I will help you get career clarity and walk in your zone of genius instead of blending into the crowd at work. Together, we will position you for career success using the methodologies from my signature program by establishing your personal brand, positioning you as the TOP candidate internally or externally, and strategically building your career roadmap.

These same strategies have led my clients to five-figure salary increases, positions at fortune 500 companies, successful career changes, over $3M in cumulative salary increases, and career fulfillment.

Want me to help you uncover your career calling and purpose so that you can land a position you love, be promoted, or successfully change careers without pulling your hair out?

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Demisha Jennings



Career Success Roadmap Course will give you the resources to get career clarity, own your self-worth, strategically plan your career goals, pivot or be promoted, and land a job that you LOVE. There's no better time to invest in your future than now.